Clifford Chance a anunțat promovarea a 26 de avocați în structura de parteneriat

Clifford Chance a anunțat promovarea a 26 de avocați în structura de parteneriat. Noii parteneri provin din toate practicile din fiecare regiune, cu o reprezentare puternică atât în ​​America cât și în Asia Pacific, unde firma își continuă creșterea și investițiile puternice.

Matthew Layton, Clifford Chance Global Managing Partner a declarat:

It is a privilege to welcome such an outstanding team of people into the Clifford Chance partnership, where they will play a vital part in the long-term future of the firm. Each and every one of them has proved themselves as an invaluable and trusted adviser for our clients, whether they are dealing with challenging times such as those so many businesses face today, or building for the long-term. I look forward to working with them, and all the fantastic people at Clifford Chance, as we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients and each other to build a better future.

„It is precisely now, when so many organisations face fundamental challenges as a result of COVID-19, that our continued commitment to investing in people and our leading global capabilities remains as resolute and important as ever. Having the right people, with the right skills, and the right culture at the heart of our partnership puts us in the right place to support our clients when they need us most and is at the very core of the long-term success of the firm.

Partenerii promovati sunt:

Alistair Dunlop, Capital Markets, New York
Analisa Dillingham, Corporate, New York
John Friel, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, New York
Jeanne Roig-Irwin, Real Estate, New York
Paul Koppel, ​Tax, Pensions & Employment, New York

Asia Pacific
Viola Lui, Corporate, Hong Kong
Mark Gillgren, Finance, Perth
Tom Lin, Corporate, Singapore
Daryl Liu, Corporate, Singapore
Chad Bochan, Finance, Sydney

Continental Europe
Liesbeth Buiter, Real Estate, Amsterdam
Dominik Engl, ​Tax, Pensions & Employment, Frankfurt
Fernando Irurzun, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Madrid
Dennis Blechinger, Real Estate, Munich
Emmanuel Mimin, Corporate, Paris
Pierre-Benoit Pabot du Châtelard, Finance, Paris

Middle East
Deniz Tas, Corporate, Dubai

United Kingdom
Christopher Roe, Capital Markets, London
Jennifer Storey, Corporate, London
Melissa Coakley, Finance, London
Alexandra Dimsdale Gill, Finance, London
Thomas Critchley, Finance, London
Lindsay Bickerton, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, London
Claire Freeman, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, London
Oliver Pegden, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, London
Edward Bretherton, Real Estate, London